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El Palo Santo

(Bursera Graveoles)

it is an aromatic medicinal tree

who lives in the Ecuadorian dry forest


Burning the wood of Palo Santo

you get a perfumend smoke that drives away

the flys and the insects


The smoke of Palo Santo

it also moves away the Bad Spirits of the house


For this reason the Shamans

and Healers say that:




The Healers used the Palo Santo to heal diseases that comes from COLD:



An infusion is made

with the wood of Palo Santo

and have a cup with lots of honey

in the night before bedtime


From the 2000dc began the experimentation to extract the Esencial Oil of the wood of the Palo Santo

The essencial oil of Palo Santo is obtained by a natural process called:

-Distillation by Steam Current-


...but...Not all the Palo Santo wood gives the Essential Oil; it was discovered that only the wood of trees that are found dead and dead by natural death give Palo Santo oil

Palo Santo is bio-sustaintable=we must wait for the trees to die by it self

Palo Santo is eco-sustaintable= the forest is not damaged


The essencial oil of Palo Santo allows to heal the other spiritual illnesses that come from COLD:


1. Sadness - BadHumor - Headache - Self-distrust (aromatherapy)


2. Artritis - Osteoarthritis - Cervical - Bones Pain (massage)


Meditation - Spiritual Search


Our Palo Santo products are:


("impact of an activity on the Environment")


For this reason Palo Santo products are friendly to the Environment !!


WE DON'T CUT Palo Santo trees,

We process only the wood of dead trees by itself !


They are trees of Palo Santo killed by natural death, which are fallen in the forest!

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